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Planning Extension Projects

Steps in Teacher Planning

Setting Purpose
Ask: What do I want my students to focus on? What specific literary elements am I interested in teaching? What re-reading will they need to do?

Planning for Teaching
Ask: How can I guide students through the process? What steps are most valuable to complete this project? What materials will students need? How can I demonstrate the process? Do I need to create a sample or do I have a similar project I can show?

Setting a Time Frame
Ask: How much time do I need to explain and demonstrate? How much time do students need to complete each component of the project: drafting, discussing, creating, revising, producing?

Presenting the Projects
Ask: What audiences might be interested in seeing and hearing about the extension projects? How can I help students plan these presentations? What information do they need to include in their presentations? How do I keep presentations lively, fun, and celebratory?

Assessing and Evaluating the Projects
Ask: What do I value about the extension projects? What criteria should we use in our evaluations? How do I involve students in setting the criteria? How to I develop a form or checklist that identifies what should be evaluated? How do I include students in self-reflection? How can I involve students in providing evaluative feedback to each other?

Extension Project Planning Forms
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extension project planning forms

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