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Guiding Students to Plan Extension Projects

Adapted from Chapter 8 Literature Circles in Middle School: One Teacher's Journey
Bonnie Campbell Hill, Katherine L. Schlick Noe, & Janine A. King
© 2003 Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Inc.

Students need help understanding what it means to extend the experience of reading a book. You can guide students to grasp the goal of an extension project if you help them understand that a project must supplement and deepen what the student got out of the reading, discussion, and written response. And, because extension projects are meant to be shared with others, students need to understand how their project can affect others' experiences of the book

The following guiding questions can help your students plan projects that provide a true extension of the literary experience:

Guiding Questions for Students:  Planning Extension Projects

  • How will my project show what I have learned from the book?
  • In what ways will my project include information from the book?
  • When people view my project, what will they learn about the book?

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