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Character Bookmark

from Chapter 8 Getting Started with Literature Circles
Katherine L. Schlick Noe and Nancy J. Johnson

©1999 Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Inc.
used by permission

Directions: Create a bookmark featuring either your favorite character or the character you consider to be most significant in your book. Be sure to include the book title and author as well as the character's name and "portrait" or illustration. On the back of the bookmark, describe your character and explain why he or she is important in your book and how you feel about this character.

Character bookmarks - Middle School
From Let the Circle be Unbroken by Mildred Taylor
Teacher: Janine King, 6th grade
St. Joseph School, Seattle, Washington
Character bookmarks - First grade
From Ruby the Copycat and
Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann
Teacher: Vicki Yousoofian
St. Joseph School, Seattle, Washington

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